Englischfortbildung für die Klassen 1-4

Enlivening the Spoken Word with Children’s Verse

We will work with a selection of age-appropriate poetry, with special focus on nursery rhymes, poetic treasures of the oral tradition which are still very much alive in adult language and literature. They are like mini-stories or mini-dramas, weaving rhyme, story, character and dialogue together, their themes ranging from the mighty to the funny, the everyday to the mysterious. With a range of speech and drama exercises, we will be working on developing voice, perceptive and expressive skills, and repertoire. Please wear comfortable clothes for moving in, and shoes such as trainers.

Freitag 16:30 Uhr bis Samstag 16:00 Uhr

künstlerisch übend

Tessa Westlake; With a degree in Comparative Literature, Tessa Westlake graduated from the four-year speech and drama training at the London School of Speech Formation, followed by five years‘ childrens‘ programme creating and touring in Europe with Ashdown Eurythmy. Also trained and experienced in TEFL, she has been giving workshops and courses to Waldorf teachers, trainees and pupils internationally since the 1990’s, including in the trainings at Witten-Annen, Stuttgart, Mannheim and Berlin.

Überblick Englischfortbildungen 20/21


30. - 31. Okt. 2020


16:30 - 16:00


90 €


Waldorf Institut Witten Annen (C – Turm)
Annener Berg 15, 58454 Witten